Dirty dairy industry launches propaganda war on clean food (video)

Monday, May 22, 2017 by

The dirty dairy industry doesn’t merely push dirty products contaminated with blood, pus and feces, it also uses dirty tactics to try to terrorize people who choose not to consume their filthy products.

The latest disinfo propaganda campaign from the dirty dairy industry involves a major media push to try to scare people into thinking that if they don’t drink dirty milk, their bones will crumble and they’ll get diagnosed with osteoporosis. It’s all junk science, of course, since plant juice is loaded with high-quality calcium. Merely juicing raw plants like broccoli and parsley provides you with far more calcium than you get from a glass of milk, yet the junk science bunksters who inhabit the dairy industry P.R. squads want everyone to think that dairy products are somehow the only dietary source of calcium.

The dirty dairy industry, you see, is terrified that people are drinking flax milk, almond milk, hemp milk and coconut water instead of swallowing the blood and pus that’s found in factory-produced “dirty” milk, which is artificially modified to make it even more toxic. (RAW cow’s milk is far healthier, even when it contains large populations of friendly microbes, because its enzymes and fats are intact and unaltered.)

To help explain this, I sat down to film a “test video” in our new studio, just to see how the audio sounded. It turned out to be good enough to release, so here it is:




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